As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and targeted, even the best endpoint defenses will be breached eventually.

Bulletproof your Laptops, Macbooks, Chromebooks, and Windows Tablets with the penultimate layer in a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Cloud-based machine learning algorithm predicts and protects systems from new threats in a matter of seconds. Harness the Intelligent Security Audit Mode to amplify protection across your IT environment.

Run whitelisted programs only. Unknown executables will not run until vetted by SafeLair Technical Team.

Only allow approved programs to go through and stop processes from trying to rename file extensions that are known to be set by threats like ransomware, trojans and zero-day threats.

Detect attacks and zero-day exploits using advanced behavioral analytics and system assisted learning to protect critical data assets against cyber threats.

Provides active protection that continually runs in the background and helps to identify and block cyberthreats in real-time.

Advanced antivirus to stop all known malware, like viruses, worms, and trojans, in case the prevention barrier gets breached. The system also includes advanced firewall protection.

Incredibly powerful and ultra-fast at the same time. Ensures the most efficient use of memory, disk and CPU usage with complete protection.

Comprehensive protection with antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit to combat varied threats.

Eliminate downtime and drastically reduce technical support requirements.  Keep business critical computers, even ones that are traditionally not considered as mission critical such as used in inventory, restocking, shipping, scanning and imaging systems like Ultrasound, CT Scan, X-Ray and other systems 24/7 by reversing issues, if any, in just a couple of minutes.

Create secure kiosks by launching specific applications on startup and restricting applications that can be launched by users.  Run computers in Kiosk Mode by allowing the trusted application to launch in full screen mode.

Block everything except the trusted application in Kiosk mode including the start menu, taskbar and desktop.

Secure computers by protecting them from spyware, malware, ransomware, zero-day threats, and most complex viruses.

Cloud Managed Windows Updates, popular software updates and custom software package deployments.

Protect your data by locking down certain features, blocking USB ports and network drives.

Software Asset Management, Desktop Lockdown, Application Control, Schedule Windows Updates. Power Management.

Secure your computers by creating a list of allowed or restricted websites and network locations to prevent data theft.

Restrict browsers or disable browser features to control user actions and increase security.

Eliminate malware, prevent data breaches, reverse configuration drift and augment PCI compliance.

Keep demo and training computers in their pristine state by reversing changes caused by multiple users.

Ensure data security by limiting printing or setting a printing quota.

Block untrusted applications and ensure the computer can be used only for the activity it was intended for as per your organization’s security standards.

Non-IT staff can fix computer issues on their own. Your IT team can now focus on more complex technology tasks.

Enforce strict compliance with Industry Standards.  Assist in HIPAA compliance.  Protect critical patient data from a data breach.

Create fixed user sessions where the user is forced to logoff after a limited time.

Ensure optimum performance for computers handling medical records, prescriptions, medical billing, and insurance data. Fix any non-hardware related issues in just a couple of minutes.

Fix issues in critical Monitoring and Examination systems like endoscopy systems and patient monitoring systems with a simple reboot. Save valuable time for doctors as well as patients.

Flexible SafeLair onboarding process with a number of curated enrollment options.

Remotely send messages to selected devices from our cloud-based console with a simple text, email or phone call.

Refine and organize application control through publisher-based approvals, policy-based control, and protection at the local machine level.

The freedom to create tailored policies for different users and groups for their unique computer usage requirements.

Detect attacks and zero-day exploits using advanced behavioral analytics and system assisted learning to protect critical data assets against cyber threats.

Deploy all SafeLair Cloud services across various locations and start monitoring your network and generating reports as soon as the endpoints start reporting back with valuable data for analysis and remediation.

Staged Deployment approach that gives our security teams the ability to deploy the Security Suite in an audit mode and build a custom control list to effectively deploy into active environments without requiring to re-image computers.

Ransomware mitigation setting provides the ability to easily implement restrictions on an endpoint to help protect against threat vectors that fall outside of malicious applications.

Prevent data loss and ensure compliance by restricting device functionality using advanced preventive mechanisms.

Easily turn off Windows Task Manager or disable UNC paths and right-clicks on the protected computers.

Show selected control panel applets, hide all applets or hide selected applets with a single click.

Secure your environment by allowing or blocking a range of IP addresses to ensure secure communication. Block users from accessing specific URLs.

Track when a software product is over-deployed to ensure adherence to licensing agreements.

Understand computer usage patterns to identify the most used assets and reallocate resources appropriately.

Completely disable the Start Menu or disable selected Start Menu items on the protected computers.

100% Recovery of computing devices keeping your operations running smoothly while eliminating outrageous IT costs, customized to your unique needs. 

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