SecuLair Architecture

In addition to SafeLair features we add Mobile Device and Network Support including:

Deployed policies and changes applied seamlessly from the cloud, across thousands of devices at once, helping organizations protect mobile devices over the air.

Comprehensive application management and control, distribution, and visibility over not just apps but also licensing and inventory as well.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs can be easily managed while adhering to strict usage requirements of user-owned devices.

Gather location information from the device’s GPS, down to street-level accuracy.

Restrict Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct (SAFE V2+), MDM provisioned Wi-Fi and VPN configurations.

Install apps remotely from Google Play Store or Apple App Store across all your mobile devices.

Remotely lock/unlock mobile devices easily in case devices are stolen/compromised.

Retired/lost devices can be wiped remotely to ensure data security is not compromised in the wrong hands.

Network Level features Include but not limited to:

Cloud-based Directory Services eliminating the need for local directory servers such as Windows Server

Cloud-based storage from Amazon that appears as a local drive on your Windows Computer.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, with multiple access points. 

Intrusion protection using deep packet inspection to catch malware

One-click site-to-site VPN – connect multiple offices with ease

Hassle-free remote access VPN with nothing to install on client laptops

Domain Filtering blocks time-wasting or malicious websites

Stateful firewall – with per-country threat blocking

Built-in storage partitioned into network shares

Instant snapshots, to protect against ransomware

Cloud backups and archives, for disaster recovery

Dual WAN with load balancing and failover

All of this and more in one easy to use appliance at a phenomenal monthly subscription without any capital outlay.