One Workspace. Any Device. Anywhere!

Windows and Linux apps and desktops

Access all your legacy Windows applications and desktops from within a browser-based workspace. No changes needed in the applications, nothing to install on your device (laptop, desktop, Apple Mac, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, etc.). WorkLair leverages the “Remote Desktop Protocol” (RDP) to access applications and desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop/Windows 10 Multi-user

WorkLair embraces WVD by aggregating (multi-session Windows 10) desktops and applications that run behind it. As such, end-users can have a single pane of glass with all their apps and desktops running behind it, independent of their location, device, cloud, etc. Combining the strengths of both solutions will unlock additional benefits, such as WorkLair’s security layers, aggregation capabilities, session sharing and simplicity in user management.

SaaS (SSO)

WorkLair has out-of-the-box connectors for popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, GSuite and Salesforce (WorkLair can be used as your “Identity Provider” (IdP)). Furthermore, WorkLair can easily be integrated with external IdP’s such as Okta, Google Identity and Microsoft Azure Active Directory which enable you to easily extend the Single-Sign-On to over 5000 SaaS applications.

Web applications

Provide secure external access to internal websites (like an intranet) and internal web applications (such as your CRM and marketing tools) via WorkLair by leveraging the “WorkLair reverse proxy”.

File servers (cloud or legacy)

Get access to your company-shared drive, SharePoint and Office 365 OneDrive via your browser. Our web-based file manager provides a unified view across all drives (on-premise or in any cloud), supports all common file/folder operations, and offers drag-and-drop functionality, file sharing, and breadcrumb navigation.

Single sign-on experience

Once authenticated into WorkLair, no more need to add login & password credentials to access connected applications, desktops or file servers. WorkLair takes care of the ‘Single Sign-On’ in full security.